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Whether you need to extract, manipulate or transform your data,
S2B Solution designs and develops software solutions
to achieve your business objectives.



Our services

S2B Solution is a custom software development company based near Montreal, Canada.

We are experts in process reengineering, task automation and custom software development for complex scenarios. We develop innovative solutions designed specifically for the needs of our clients to maximize their productivity in their business processes.

We can facilitate the exchange of data between two systems, create new features, extract customized reports and develop custom tools to fit your business objectives.

To help achieve customer goals, S2B Solution specializes in the use of Microsoft technologies such as:

.Net Framework

We develop software applications with languages such as VB.Net and C#, and web applications use MVC ASP.NET.


New projects we develop use SQL Server, and we support other databases such as MS Access, MySQL and Oracle.


Industry-standard Excel is used to generate custom reports that clients can edit and manipulate with VBA and macros.

Examples Of Our Services

S2B Solution helps his clients perform critical tasks and accomplish their goals each and every day. Some of these tasks are simple; others quite complex. We strive to make it easy for clients to quickly access their needed information and complete their projects on time.

Data transfer

Transferring data from one system to another is the core aspect of our solutions.

Every task is broken down into several smaller steps in order to better plan the task and ensure data integrity. This granular process breakdown lets us identify and solve potential problems before they become bigger issues.

Chargement de données


Accurate and informative reporting is essential to making wise business decisions. We implement dynamic tools to efficiently access and understand your information.

Whether you want to generate an online report, an Excel file, or a file type recognized by a third party application, we can automate it for you.

Custom integration

Most analysts use Excel daily to manipulate data. To simplify their work, we can integrate your data into Excel via custom functions, allowing you to access your data directly within Excel.

The frustration and delays of asking someone to export your data is now over!

Excel custom function


We have developed numerous applications where business rules allow flexibility. In some cases, standards and regulations can limit this flexibility.

We can implement compliance policies to ensure that you meet your industry’s best practices.


About us

Our solutions provide results. Let us help your business become more efficient.

At S2B Solution, we are passionate about technology and data access. There are numerous solutions on the market for specific situations, but when it comes time to perform a task that requires data from system A into system B, this is often where things get complicated.

That’s when our work starts! We understand your systems and data, and give you the access you want. Whether via a web portal, an add-in to integrate into Excel or a custom viewport, we have the solution for you.

We believe that data is key in making wise business decisions. Our mission is to give you full access to your information, and enable you to make the best business decisions possible.

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